When you use a GMX, or Googlemail e-mail account
In certain cases, the delivery of e-mails may be problematic as a result of automated order confirmation mails forwarded by the Shopsystem. Depending on the provider, the e-mail will be saved to either to the SPAM or to the UNKNOWN directory. Prior to your order, leave the e-mail address in your address book, in order to avoid any delivery problems.

E-Mail & Telefon in the Ordering Process
During the ordering process, please pay close attention in entering your e-mail address and kindly leave a telephone number (landline or cell phone number) in order that we may reach by telephone in the event of an emergency.

Requests and Contact Form
The contact form on this page is solely for questions regarding orders in the shop. Any other questions will not be answered.

Autograph - Do you want a signed autograph card of Nena?
No problem, just send a selfadressed envelope and an international reply coupon to:

PO Box 73 04 40
22124 Hamburg

Please, do not send an envelope with your local stamps on it. This won't be accepted by the german postal service.

Because of the high demand, please allow us some time for your delivery. It may take up to several weeks, but for sure will not get lost. Please, don't send any items like album covers, fotos or similar. A personalized autograph won't be possible, either. Letters or messages to Nena can't be answerd.