1. Shopping Cart
Choose the products you wish to order by clicking on the button “add to shopping cart”. By doing this, your choice will be added to the shopping cart. You can change this choice of product right up until the time at which send your order (see step 3 below) by changing the number of products, by clicking on the waste bin button for a given product thereby fully deleting this product, or simply by cancelling the ordering process. By clicking the button “proceed to payment” you will proceed to the next step.

2. Payment
Register yourself with your e-mail address or with customer number and your password in the event that you already have a customer account; otherwise, register yourself as a new customer (which is possible both with the creation of a customer account, as well as without a customer account for a single order). Your details will be collected, processed and used in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations (see Privacy Policy). Any other use or transfer of these details to third parties will not be made. If you are already registered, you can now choose the shipping address and in the next step, the shipping method. By clicking the buttons “next” you will each time reach the next ordering steps.

3. Choosing the Method of Payment / Sending of the Order
Please enter the payment method you wish to use. Payment will be made by prepayment/cash in advance (either by bank transfer or through Paypal), but only after completing the order in the next ordering step by clicking of the button “Place Your Order”. Information with regard to the payment methods which are free of any cost can be found on the page “Payment“. Following this, please click on “Next”.

On the next page, you will find an overview of your order with the products chosen by you. Please check if all information provided there is correct and please also carefully read the General Terms and Conditions with all additional legal information provided there, as well as the Withdrawl Instructions which are also provided there. You can only proceed with your order when you agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use (by putting a check on them). By clicking the button “Place Your Order“, you are forwarding your order to us. It is first in this moment that you are giving a legally binding offer. Prior to this, the process can be cancelled at any time and/or the information provided can be corrected.

Following all of this, you will receive from us (per e-mail) a notification meant simply to inform you that your order has actually been received by us, and that it will now be processed. The acceptance of your order occurs through a further e-mail, where we inform you with regard to the shipping of the product(s), and especially of the shipping of the product(s) to you.